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Cutting Edge Herpetological Inc is VINCENT RUSSO. 
I am a Professional Reptile Breeder with a state of the art breeding facility. My speciality is Breeding Boa constrictors, Ball Pythons, Cornsnakes, Green Tree Pythons, Short Tailed Pythons & Blue Tongue Skinks. I am also an advocate of pure bred Boas and I am concentrating my efforts on locality specific boas ( Peru Long tails, Cay Caulkers, Crawl Cay, Bolivian amarali, Panamanian Boas, Nicaraguan Boas, Sonora Boas, Hog Island Boas, Honduran Boas, Corn Island Boas, Pearl Island Boas and many others )
I have been breeding Boids & colubrids for over 35 years now. My true passion is breeding Boas. I am currently working with a few morphs and they are Blood Albino Boas ( Red Dragons ), Hypo Bloods Boas, Super Hypo Boas, Red Pastel Colombians, Leopard & Albino Leopards. I am also breeding several morphs of Ball Python ( Ultramel, Camarillo, Albino , Peid, Pastel, Spider, Ghost, Congo, Cinammon, Mojave & my own line of Russo Leucistic ),  some OS High Yellow Chondro Pythons & Scaleless & Palmetto Cornsnakes.
I also was very involved in describing a new subspecies of Boa ( Boa constrictor longicauda ) back in 1989. The paper was published in a Scientific Journal printed in Japan called THE SNAKE. The Article is Titled " Revisionary Comments on The Genus Boa With The Description of A New Subspecies Of Boa Constrictor From Peru ( Boa constrictor longicauda )"
PDF Copies are available on request and a brief description is on this web site in the Boa c. longicauda section.

And last but not least - I recently finished writing "The More Complete Boa Constrictor " that was published by ECO in the summer of 2019. This book represents my lifes work on Boa constrictor. It Boasts over 500 photos in 432 pages & covers every aspect of Boas ( Evolution - Genetics - Breeding - Feeding - Care - Taxonomy & Color Morphs ). Copies of my Book are available at www.ecouniverse.com . 

Cutting Edge Herp Inc. only sells Captive Born & bred Reptiles produced here at our private Facility.


Vincent Russo in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador with a True Red Tail found by an Achuar Indian.