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Cutting Edge Herpetological Inc is VINCENT RUSSO. 
I am a Professional Reptile Breeder with a state of the art breeding facility. My speciality is Breeding Boa constrictors, Ball Pythons, Colubrids, Green Tree Pythons, Short Tailed Pythons & Blue Tongue Skinks. I am also an advocate of pure bred Boas and I am concentrating my efforts on locality specific boas ( Peru Long tails, Cay Caulkers, Crawl Cay, Bolivian amarali, Panamanian Boas, Nicaraguan Boas, Sonora Boas, Hog Island Boas, Honduran Boas, Corn Island Boas, Pearl Island Boas, Argentine Boas and many others )
I have been breeding Boids & colubrids for over 35 years now. My true passion is breeding Boas. I am currently working with a few morphs and they are Blood Albino Boas ( Red Dragons ), Hypo Bloods Boas, Super Hypo Boas, Red Pastel Colombians, Leopard & Albino Leopards. I am also breeding several morphs of Ball Python ( Ultramel, Camarillo, Albino , Peid, Pastel, Spider, Ghost, Congo, Cinammon, Mojave & my own line of Russo Leucistic ),  some OS High Yellow Chondro Pythons & Scaleless & Palmetto Cornsnakes.
I also was very involved in describing a new subspecies of Boa ( Boa constrictor longicauda ) back in 1989. The paper was published in a Scientific Journal printed in Japan called THE SNAKE. The Article is Titled " Revisionary Comments on The Genus Boa With The Description of A New Subspecies Of Boa Constrictor From Peru ( Boa constrictor longicauda )"
PDF Copies are available on request and a brief description is on this web site in the Boa c. longicauda section.

And last but not least - I recently finished writing "The More Complete Boa Constrictor " that was published by ECO in the summer of 2019. This book represents my lifes work on Boa constrictor. It Boasts over 500 photos in 432 pages & covers every aspect of Boas ( Evolution - Genetics - Breeding - Feeding - Care - Taxonomy & Color Morphs ). Copies of my Book are available at www.ecouniverse.com . 

Cutting Edge Herp Inc. only sells Captive Born & bred Reptiles produced here at our private Facility.