Leopard Boas 

Boa c. imperator  

Leopard Boas  Boa sigma

    The first Leopard Boas popped up in a litter of what was thought to be normal appearing Sonora Desert Boas. These boas were in the collection of Hans Winner of Germany. Hans proved that this Pattern anomaly Boa was an inheritable recessive trait by line breeding the leopard Boas back to siblings and parents. The leopard pattern is similar to that of a labyrinth Burmese python in that is has some stripes and dashes along its dorsal area. They have a unique feature in that some possess a gold head and some have a red chin & Red bellies. They also have beautifully marked faces that resemble the whiskers of a leopard & some Leopards are completely striped while others are Spotted. Even the normal gene carriers or Het for Leopard boa have a unique appearence ( see pics below ). The Leopard Boa is also a very small boa and Hans reports mature breeding females to be just around 5 feet in length. A very Unique & variable morph.

    In 2005 my good friend Tom Burke bred a beautiful Coral Red Albino Boa to a Leopard Boa female & Produced some Double Hets. I purchased some & he & I both produced the first Albino Leopards in 2008. 

I also have added Hypo Sonora & Salmon to my Leopards to create some outstanding Hypo Sonora Salmon Leopards & you can see pics of those Below. 

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