Kubsch Pastel Boas 

Boa c. imperator

Kubsch Pastel Boas   Boa imperator 

The Kubsch Pastel is a pure Colombian Boa imperator. This line was started in Eastern Europe many years ago by a man named Silvio Kubsch. He started with pure colombian boas and line bred them for color & clean background to almost what we see today. However I have taken it one step further by line breeding more & adding some more color to try & perfect the orange red color & I think Im close. These boas get better with each F generation of breeding. This trait is very predictable & you will get all Kubsch pastel when bred to each other. However since this trait is quite potent you will also get similar looking pastels when outcrossing into other non related boas as I have done this too. Imagine what an Albino or sunglow would look like with these colors. These are a beautifully colored ingredient to add to any Boa project & by breeding to each other you will get even more colorful boas with each generation. 

Update 2023 - July & August - maybe some IMG Kubschs Pastels again