Peruvian Long Tailed Boas

Boa i. longicauda

Peruvian Long Tailed Boa  Boa i. longicauda

Boa c. longicauda was described in 1991 by Dr. Robert Price and my brother Paul Russo in a Japanese Scientific Journal called “ The Snake “. The Title of the description is “Revisionary Comments on the Genus BOA with the Description of a New Subspecies of Boa Constrictor from Peru “.

A beautiful jet black Boa with an almost blue irredescence on the head and body. At birth they appear to be very drab but by 6 months of age the black colors start showing thru. As adults they range from A blue/silver & grey with dark black saddles to an almost all black with charcoal grey/blue head. A highly variable snake . I have been breeding the darkest boas to each other to improve the Jet Black colors. Secondly, I am working with a few light yellow longtails and wish to improve on them. Also, I am working on a longtail boa with small specs of red on its sides. And Finally, I have a wonderfull Anerythristic Bloodline that dates back to thwe very first longtails imported to the US in 1989. The Anerythristic Gene is simple recessive & these Boas look outstanding as adukts. Some are Jet Black on pure white. Prices will be based on color and genetic back ground. Update 2023 - Hoping for a litter in August