Available Snakes for October, 2022

This weeks Snakes are 2022 Kubsch Pastel Boas & Kubsch Pastel IMG ( Increasing Melanin Gene ) Boas. The Dame is a Kubsch Pastel ( Pictured below ) & Sire is a Male IMG Boa thats Jet Black. He also has a high percentage of Central American Blood & is very small so these Babies have the potential of being quite small as adults. 
Kubsch Pastel IMG $1000 each shipped 
Kubsch Pastel $375 Each shipped. 
Email me to get PayPal link - Vin@cuttingedgeherp.com 
Mother to below Babies 
Boas are numbered - Simply email me with the number of the Boa you want to purchase. Prices include Shipping via fedex in the lower 48 United States. Email me at Vin@cuttingedgeherp.com