Ball Pythons

Python regius

Blue Eyed Leucistics, Ultra, Camarillo

Blue Eyed Leucistic ( White Diamond )Python regius 


In the 2002 Breeding Season I was very Fortunate enough to hatch a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python "White Diamond" from 2 of my "High Yellow Lemon" Ball Pythons. The High Yellow Lemons are a Incomplete Dominant trait and when bred together produce Proven Genetic Leucistic Ball Pythons. Since the name "Lemon Ball" is a little confusing ( and since there are a few white snake producing Ball Pythons out there ) I decided to simply call these yellow colored Ball pythons "Russo Line Het Leucistics".  When you breed a "Russo Line Het Leucistic"  to a normal Ball Python you will get half a clutch of visible Het Lemon yellow colored Ball Pythons or Russo Line hets ( Proven here in 1998 ).  These Hets are beautifull in their own right and are very distinguishable from their normal littermates. The Leucistics that these produce have deep Blue eyes that almost look through you and a pure white color over the entire snake - these are named "White Diamonds". 2023 - August $400 each  

Caramel, Ultramel & Camarilo Python regius


I have been producing Caramels for a few years now & I think I have figured them out. There appears to be two Caramels forms out there. One has a Root Beer type of color with orange highlights & this one seems to be the original trait first produced by Kevin McKurley at Nerd back in 1996. The other type is more Orange and was originally produced by Mark Bell back in the late nineties ( Ball Breeders call this line Ultramel ). I was fortunate enough to get a male Heterozygous for Caramel from the Mark Bell line back in 2001. But the male I have was produced by Mark Bell when he bred an original line ( Root Beer colored ) Caramel male to a Het ( Orange Line or Ultramel ) female. Making the male definate het for Caramel & pos het for Ultramel. Well I bred my Poss double het to a few normal females & kept all the female offspring back in 2002. I then bred the Poss double het male back to these daughters starting in 2005 and produced both Caramels & Ultramels from these daughters & a New third type. I am quite sure now that the third type is a double homozygous Caramel Ultramel. I am calling this double homozygous Ball by the name of a Camarillo. This name is a combination of Caramel and Amarillo ( which means Yellow in Spanish ). 

2023 -August - inquire 


Piebald Ball Pythons  Python regius

Proven Genetic by Pete Kahl of PK Reptiles in 1997, These Balls speak for them selves. I was fortunate enough to obtain some Hets in 98 from Pete. From those 98 founder Hets I have produced many Pieds, hets and Poss hets to create a beautiful breeding colony. These Balls are highly variable and are born with varied amounts of White. I think we have seen just the tip if the iceburg with this morph because it is just now (2012) that this trait has been mixed with other traits. I am currently working on producing Pastel Pieds & Albino Pieds.

UPDATE June 2017:  I crossed the pieds into my Leucistic line & created a new Pied called the "Pinto Pied ". It is a Pied het Leucistic. I have a few ready to go. 

2023 - August 

Albino Ball Pythons  Python regius

I just really love Albino Ball Pythons - they are great looking snakes. I started out the hard way with Albino Balls by purchasing Het Albino males in 1996 & 1997 from my friend Brian Sharp. I succesfully bred these males in the 98-99 season and produced a few clutches of 50% possible het Albino balls. I held back all the females and luckily 2 bred at 2.5 years of age and both produced Albinos ( proving them to be hets ). A few Albino males we produced were beautiful High Contrast Albino Balls. So I have selectively bred my best high Contrast Albinos to beauitiful high orange Hets & High Contrast Albinos to make some really colorfull albinos. I beleive these Albinos are the best investment in the Business.

Sugar Ball Pythons Python regius
Sugar Balls originated in Europe from a breeder named Rene Valentin back in the late Nineties. Then a few years later a similar looking ball popped up from African shipments & it was named "Calico". At first it was thought that both the Sugar & Calico were one in the same. However after breeding both types here at Cutting Edge I have noticed that they are two distinctly different traits. Both traits are Dominant - however the Sugar Balls are markedly different at birth & and into adult hood. The Sugars tend to have far more white on their sides ( Some Calicos are difficult to pick out as babies ) and the Sugars are very easy to pick out as babies ( See pics below ). The Sugars also have orange blotches on their backs & sides & most have some type of white ring ( Ringers ). Secondly the Sugar also has a black back where the blotches line up on their backs. And Lastly - when combined with the Pastel trait in the first generation these Sugar Pastels are OUTRAGEOUS... I think this Sugar trait is very under rated & cant wait to see what it makes when mixed with other traits in the future. 
2023 - August