"Russo Red" Pastel Boas  

 Boa  c. imperator

"Russo Red" Pastel Boas  

    My "Russo Red Pastel" Boas are the product of many years of selectively breeding for Red. It all started with a very orange colored Salmon Boa that I got from Rich Ihle back in 1995. This male produced some outstanding colored offspring & I picked his best colored Babies for the future. Then in 2005 I received a beautiful Red Pastel Boa from a friend. This boa was just a pure blooded Colombian import but was very Red ( This Boa is pictured on Page 183 of my book "The Complete Boa Constrictor" ). I then bred this Red Pastel Boa to my best Super Hypo male. Fast Forward to today ( 2019 ) and I am up to 4F generations of breeding my best Red colored Hypos & Super hypos to each other. My best results thus far were from a litter born the summer 2019. These are by far my best RED colored boas. Lastly - please note that there is absolutely no "Blood Boa" blood in these Boas. The Red color they possesse is passed on genetically & gets more intense by breeding my best Reds to my best Reds. This trait is Polygenic & acts similarly to a dominant trait in that it passes on in one generation of outcrossing. However there is no super form so its just dominant ( not incomplete or Co- dominant ). 

2023 - maybe June