Sumatran Short Tailed Pythons ( Python curtus )

The Bloodline of Sumatran Short Tailed Python that we have here at Cutting Edge was imported into the US Back in 1991 by my brother & I. This Bloodline is the Darker ( Almost Jet Black ) variety from Lampung South Sumatra. These tend to be the darkest of the Curtus Clan. They come in two phases - The Chrome Dome ( Light Chrome heads ) & the Dark Heads which become a solid Black snake as adults. Each phase in present in both clutches of Dark Heads & Chrome Heads. However when I breed Chrome to Chrome - I get all Chrome. In 2022 I bred two sibling Chrome Domes & to my surprise produced an new Morph that is Fully Striped. After posting a few pics it became apparent that at least one other Breeder had the same exact results in 2020 and it seems that a few of these Striped ones were born in the mid 90s and were coined the "Tuxedo" Phase. So that's what I will call them. I don't know of any one that has bred Tuxedo to Tuxedo. So that is the plan. I have a feeling that there may be a big surprise from that breeding. So until then Ill be selling just a few of these Tuxedo Sumatrans. They will be $500 each. eamail me to purchase as supply is very limited. 
New Tuxedo Phase Sumatran Short Tail Python $500 each