Honduran T + Onyx Boas  

 Boa  c. imperator

Honduran T + Onyx Boas & Combos 

The Onyx Boas are an incomplete dominant trait with Onyx ( a darker semi aberrant patterned boa ) being the visual het for Super Onyx ( A black almost patternless boa with solid colored eyes ). First proven genetic in 2008 by Freek Nuyt of Holland with a small group of wild sourced Honduran Boas. That first group produced both Super Onyx & T positive Albino Onyx & Super Onyx.  Today we have added the Blood gene to this line along with orangetail hypo to keep the pure Central American blood & smaller adult size pure. These boas mature at a very small size of aroundf 48 inches in females & even less in males. Some breeders call them Super Dwarf - But I simply call them Dwarf Boas. A tiny beautifully colored boa.