Brazil Red Tailed Boas

Boa  constrictor

Lemke Brazilian True Red Tailed Boas  Boa constrictor


Boas with provenance to Brazil are quite rare in captivity today. This is due to the fact that the export of Boas from Brazil has been a rare occurrence in the past and Brazil has been shut down to export of CITES animals since the late eighties. The Boas I have here originated from Two Sources -  One is from the Late Great Loyd Lemke - a well known West Coast Breeder & importer that received a few small shipments of Brazil Boas in the Eighties. I was fortunate enough to get some him directly back in the late 80s. The Other race are from my friend Eugene Bessette of Ophiological Services. He purchased his adults in the late eighties which had provenance to North Brazil & entered the U.S. under CITES in the early eighties. Both types are are unique Red tailed Boas with a beautiful yellow back ground color as adults. They also do not get very large & my average adult size is around 6 feet. A very under rated boa because they take a few years to get their beautiful adult colors. The last 3 Photos below are the Lemke Brazil Boas - Last photo is the July 2024 litter. 

Update 2024 - Lemke Brazil Born July - $2400 Pair