West Snake Cay Boas

Boa c. imperator  

West Snake Cay   Boa imperator

       West Snake Cay is part of a group of Islands called "Snake Cays" which are off the southern East Coast of Belize and close to the northern coast of Honduras.

The Snake Cays consist of a group of four small islands - West Snake Cay, Middle Snake Cay, East Snake Cay, and South Snake Cay. The name was inherited from an abundance of boa constrictors that once lived on the islands. These cays are not a part of the barrier reef system, but instead lie on an isolated coral ridge growing on a limestone ledge that extends several miles into the inner lagoon of the Belize Coastal Zone. Unlike the Barrier Reef Island Boas ( Crawl Cay & Caulker Cay ) the Boas of West Snake Cay are quite unique as they share attributes of both the the Barrier reef boas to their North & to mainland Honduran Boas to their South.

    Descendants of my West Snake Cay Boas entered the US under CITES in 2002 as part of a research dissertation by Dr Scott Boback. Therefore the Boas I have in my collection are most likely the only ones in private hands in the whole world. A very limited number will be offered for sale as I had a small litter born in June of 2023. Serious inquiries please on this rare locality Dwarf Boa. 

West Snake Cay Pairs - SOLD OUT July 2023