Pokigron Surinam Boas 

 Boa  c. constrictor

Pokigron Surinam Boas ( Boa constrictor )

Pokigron Surinam Boas are a Locality Specific Surinam Boa that entered the country under CITES a single time back in 2001. My Buddy Gus Rentfro of Rio Bravo Reptiles was lucky & fortunate to have purchased most of that first very small shipment. He also was the first person to Breed these creatures in Captivity & it thru his efforts that I have these Boas in my Facility today. Pokigron Surinam Boas Epitomize the True Red Tail Boa look with Outstanding Large Red Tails - Dark Connected Saddles & a beautiful Buckskin Red Back Ground color. Making these the most sought after of the Surinam Boa Complex. I have preserved the integrity of this Bloodline by keeping it pure & not adding any other Surinam Boas from other races to this project. 

Update 2023 - Maybe August